Pattern Werkz 

JVB patterns are Illustrations mixed & matched purposely creating meticulously curated collages of thoughts & images.

Arranged at random by slicing and flipping elements, one idea builds complexity & evolves into a mosaic that comes alive.

Illustrationz can tell a story, JVB’s illoz have a voice. Browse below.


Not your average greenery, with some cosmic flavor 

Random Access Memoriez

  Together a seqence of mirror reflections   



Ask me about the JVB Pattern Pack!

What’s a Pattern Pack? Well, it's the bee's knees of JVB illoz cropped, printed and trimmed into a collection of cards, pages, stickers or other curios you won’t see anywhere else.

Want your very own JVB Pattern Pack?
Reach out here, and I’ll send you one on-the-double!


On my 36th shyt
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